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Dan Simpson

    I’m not sure you can influence people to lije this hobby.
    More a case of actively promoting you enjoy it, and, when someone shows interest, letting them see and explaining what it is you do.
    Although I only use hf, ssb, there’s so many different modes now, and unfortunately, my enthusiasm /knowledge woukd only limit what I could pass on.
    Schools coukd do more, but it’s not part of their curriculum, so it doesn’t happen big scale.
    Stations set up at various County shows, well it may kindle a few, but the main attraction of the show will limit numbers interested in “radio”.
    Lockdown and online foundation I would think helped increase numbers for that period, it certainly brought me into the licensed part of the hobby.
    And there’s the other thing, there are soooo many things that people can do to occupy their free time.
    Sorry if it comes across a bit negative, but to help us understand how the hobby can move forward, maybe a bit more analysis on what holds it back..