Foundation Mock Exam

To help those studying for their Foundation exam, here is a 26-question mock exam. Questions have been kindly supplied to HamHub UK by the team at Ham Train, who offer a free online course and access to several mock exams.

Foundation Mock Exam

For the best results when taking this course, make sure you’re not interrupted, have a copy of the 4-page exam reference booklet with you, and complete it within one hour of starting. Good luck!


Ham Train - Free Foundation Courses

This is one of many example mock tests offered as part of the Hamtrain course – mock questions are available as part of the free course, and more full mock tests are available as needed. The pass mark for Foundation is 19/26, and if you’ve followed a suitable training course, you should be able to pass without a problem.

If you have a question about this mock, or exams in general, please ask in our training forum.

Handy Links

  • Exam Tips – Sitting your exam soon? Some handy tips
  • Training Chat – Got a question about this mock, or taking Foundation? Ask here!

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