What is eQSL?

eQSL is a free service that allows you to get confirmation that you have made contact with another amateur.

In the past, paper QSL cards were exchanged using the postal system, or via what are known as “bureaus” (that ‘batch up’ cards to minimise postal costs). eQSL handles this electronically, allowing for online confirmation and exchange of digital QSL cards. Here is an example of what an electronic QSL card looks like.

eQSL Card
An example of an eQSL card

As you will see above, eQSL cards include a picture that senders can customise, which make for a ‘souvenir’ of the contact. The main benefit of eQSL is that you get proof of a contact, which can be used for awards.

eQSL Awards

The eQSL website offers various awards, which you get when you reach a certain number of contacts – for example, you can get an “eDX Award” by making contact with 25 countries, or the “eUK Award” for contacting all 7 regions of the UK.

To get an award, you need to create a free eQSL account, and have a record of your contacts stored on the eQSL site. The other person that you have contacted also has to do the same.

Example of an eQSL Award

Using eQSL

Many hams automate their use of eQSL – if you log your contacts electronically, using one of the many electronic logging programs, you can automatically upload your contact logs to eQSL. Otherwise, you can export your log of contacts (usually in the ADIF file format), and upload this file to eQSL.

Getting started with eQSL

To get started, create a free eQSL account here: https://www.eqsl.cc/

For more information on how to use eQSL, see this article: Essex Ham – Getting Started with eQSL

eQSL Summary

Here are the key benefits:

  1. It allows you to confirm a contact electronically (including a picture). It is much faster than using the postal system
  2. It can be used for various eQSL awards (to get a certificate)
  3. By uploading your logs to eQSL, you are helping other hams who are collecting awards for each contact that they make

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