Ofcom Licence Change Consultation 2023

Ofcom released its long-awaited proposal for changes to the UK amateur radio licence on the 23rd of June 2023. Amateurs can have their say via the Ofcom website until Monday the 4th of September.

Ofcom Proposal Wordle

It’s all explained in this document: Ofcom Consultation Document – although it’s a large document!

The headlines are:

  • New callsigns for Intermediate – M8 and M9. Current Intermediates won’t be forced to change
  • RSLs (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, etc) to become optional, and England can have an “E”
  • Removing /P, /M, /A and /MM from the licence. Hams can use any suffixes
  • Power increases at all three licence levels
  • Plans to revoke unused licences and callsigns (one ham, one licence)
  • Hams can potentially change their callsigns and use any callsign issued since World War II
  • Limited airborne use (max 0.5 watts on primary bands)
  • Simplifications around GB special event station callsigns, supervision, hotspots, beacons, gateways and repeaters
  • Foundation construction to be allowed and get access to 2.4GHz and 5GHz allocations

The document is over 100 pages long, but Essex Ham has condensed the main points down to a short video:

Consultation Links

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  1. Gordon Lawson


    Hi folks,
    How do I go about changing my intermediate call sign for one of the new M8/M9 ones?

    • Chris


      You should get the option appearing on your OFCOM licence page. I contacted them some time back & they said that it would be “sometime in the second half of 2024”. I the meanwhile you can subscribe to the Ofcom newsletter and should receive notification about when you can make the change over (or that their system has been adjusted to allow you to make the change to your licence).

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