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    Here we are discussing how to get new blood into ham radio, and its hard enough to get existing hams to use a forum like this lol.

    Yes its true, the social media platforms fragmented traditional forums (fora!?) but it’s still worth trying to use one (catch-22 without a critical mass a forum dies, without an active forum it won’t get to critical mass to self-sustain), especially as posts on a forum tend to stick around for years and can a useful record whereas facebook etc often the posts are hard to search for and disappear (The Wayback Machine/Internet archive doesn’t work for them).

    I think I didn’t know I liked amateur radio because I didn’t know anything about it (even though I liked physics, electronics computers etc). Thinking back 35 years or so I did join the school “satellite club” decoding weather images using a handheld yagi and a tape recorder which I suppose was a type of amateur radio (albeit Rx only), and then from that day until 3 months or so ago it never crossed my path again until it was on the news the BBC started shortwave transmitting into Ukraine and we had a random conversation at work about it. An unfortunate accident left me unable to walk for several weeks so I looked into it more and found the inline exams, no practical and did all three a couple of weeks after each other – now here I am trying to friends and colleagues and relatives involved when I don’t really know that much about it myself yet.