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    best place to start is the band plans published by the RSGB https://rsgb.org/main/operating/band-plans/display/

    main bands are 80m, 40m, 30m (narrow band mainly digital modes) 20m, 17m, 15m and 10m

    80m band is 3.5Mhz – 3.8Mh
    40m band is 7.0Mhz – 7.2Mhz
    30m band is 10.1Mhz – 10.15Mhz
    20m band is 14.0Mhz – 14.35Mhz
    17m band is 18.068Mhz – 18.168Mhz
    15m band is 21.0Mhz – 21.45Mhz
    10m band is 28.0Mhz – 29.7Mhz

    the 60m band and 12m bands are little used so i haven’t included them here

    in general CW is near the bottom of the band, followed by digital mode, and then SSB the rest

    SSB below 10Mhz tends to be Lower sideband (LSB), 10mhz and above tends to be Upper sideband(USB)

    AM is rarely used on HF amateur bands,

    FM tends to be used on 10m and above

    daylight hours activity tends to be 40m and above,
    night time tends to be 40m and lower
    (all to do with the D, E and F layers of the atmosphere and how the change due to solar radiation) https://www.rfwireless-world.com/Terminology/Difference-between-Ionospheric-layers-D-E-F1-and-F2.html

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