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    first things first

    type of antenna and cabling you have?

    if the coax is not weatherproofed at the connectors correctly water in the coax can cause havoc

    when did this start happening? did you have any new kit / lighting installed just before this happened? (DC-DC convertors / inverters and LED lighting can cause havoc on lower HF bands)

    if you can isolate circuits in a breaker box, turn everything off you can, if that improves reception then turn circuits on one at a time to see if you can isolate the culprit

    if you have a little portable AM radio, wander round the yacht and move the radio near equipment, as anything generating RF interference will show up as increase in noise level on the radio, a bit like sweeping for a spy bug 🙂

    if you can find the culprit, then next issue will be resolving the issue, could be as simple as using some ferrite cores on supplies to LED light fittings to replacing the offending item if not cost prohibitive

    to eliminate cabling / antenna if you can get a simple mag-mount or whip antenna you can plug directly in the back of the radio and see it it makes any difference

    the final thing is the transceiver itself, could it be something silly like the rF gain turned right down? or even a fault on it?

    hope this gives you a start and helps