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    Welcome to HamHub M7OAZ

    congrats on passing your foundation, i have a Diamond X300 mounted High up on my house, and it gets out great, from isle of sheppey repeaters in canterbury and cambridge with 30w from my FT991a

    if you have a cable run of more than about 10m use good coax like RG8 / RG213, RG58 is very lossy at 70cm frequencies, and not great at 2m

    have a look at https://www.qsl.net/co8tw/Coax_Calculator.htm 10w into RG58 at 70cm you only get about 3.5w at the antenna, RG213 you get just under 7w to the antenna, and remember losses work both ways, so with RG213 twice the signal will reach the rig / handie meaning you will hear a lot more as well


    (not Pete M0PSX who runs this site)

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