I was discussing this on twitter earlier,

    is the lack of students from clubs due to

    clubs not fully up and running again with courses?
    clubs running the courses but the students doing the exams online for quicker results?
    students staying away from clubs and social environments due to covid?
    it will be interesting to see if the trend continues on the next set of minutes

    also how many clubhouses have the internet connectivity to run online exam sessions, those that do could be missing trick, quicker results, and less paperwork for the club, but it all depends on how the RSGB handles online exams from clubs

    the removal of practical pretty much removes the need for students to go to a club, how much of a effect has that had?

    a couple of questions for you pete, not sure you have the stats, but

    since the online exams and removal of practicals has there been any change in the average age of students you are seeing go though the courses

    also now clubs can operate again are you seeing any drop off in the number of students indicating clubs are recovering, if no change will that mean a slow reduction in the number of clubs as few join?

    so many questions, so few answers