Interesting so no real change on the age groups, that is a surprise I was expecting to see more of a change to a slightly younger range as they tend to be happier with tech and online services, but then again radio is a technical hobby so that may account partly for that

    And no real drop off in numbers training with you is good

    I think both clubs and The RSGB are going to have to adapt over the next few years, or face difficulties

    I wonder if we will start to see more online clubs? with occasional meets, and cross hobby collaborations like Essexham have with the makers?

    Time will tell, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out

    The other stat that would be interesting is if the number of new hams that progress to intermediate and full licenses has changed due to the online exams? as clubs ran those courses even less frequent than foundation

    That may be a good follow up survey you could ask previous students 6-12 months after they pass

    Sort of a few questions like

    Are they still active on air
    Have they progressed to intermediate / full?
    Year they passed each level
    Do they use HF, VHF or both
    Have they learnt or started to learn morse?
    Do they use digital mode, voice or both?
    Have they been to or joined a club?

    You could even make it a yearly general survey to see if any trends start to show