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    as a side point you will want to keep the coax as short as possible on the 1090 ADS antenna as attenuation per metre at that frequency is quite high

    and that J-pole mount i would think not really man enough for the X50, as its like a friction fit from the wall plate to the pole

    a better way if your budget allows is something like a T&K bracket https://moonrakeronline.com/tk-18-pair-of-heavy-duty-brackets this would allow (the 18″ brackets give about 14″ clearance to get out past your guttering), you can get different sizes depending how much clearance you need

    this would allow a suitable pole like https://moonrakeronline.com/antennas/masts-poles-tripods?price=12.49-50.00, then you just need the U bolts and fixings for attaching the brackets to the house

    you would then have enough room to mount your antennas

    the J-pole bracket would be enough for the 1090 ADS and depending on the scanstick size may cope with that

    for the X50 don’t skimp on the coax, losses on coax increase with frequency,

    look at https://www.qsl.net/co8tw/Coax_Calculator.htm
    if you put 10m of RG58 and 144mhz you lose 12% of the signal, (435mhz you lose 20%)
    RG213 10m at 144mhz you only lose 6% (435mhz you lose 11%) (1090mhz you lose 18%)

    that loss is in both directions (TX and RX)

    so coax choice is important, as well as position and height of the antenna, RG213 is easy to work with as its stranded core and not a solid dielectric or RG-8 which is a bit better than RG213 but seems hard to find