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AMU / ATU for 2m and 70cms?

A question about finding an ATU (also known on training courses as an AMU – Antenna Matching Unit)


I am studying for my Foundation, I have a question regarding the equipment used on the training video. The AMU in the video is an MFJ-929 Compact 200 Watt IntelliTuner. The spec of the product shows the range is from 1.8-30MHz. Most of the AMUs on market are below 50mhz, I’ve looked over the Internet and i didn’t find one for 2m or 70cm. Help!


That’s correct – You don’t normally need an AMU (Antenna Matching Unit) for 2m and 70cm due to the length of the antenna. People normally use vertical antennas custom-designed for those frequencies, so no AMU is required – it’s just for HF, where antennas are more of a challenge!

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