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Can I use Echolink at Foundation?

Yes, UK Foundation licence holders can use Echolink, but with one important exception… they cannot operate in “Sysop” mode.

Echolink uses the Internet to connect users, gateways and repeaters – so that you can use a basic handheld (or the Echolink software/app) to make world-wide contact.

“Sysop Mode” allows you to set up an Internet “gateway”, linking your computer and radio together – this would mean that users could remotely set your radio into “transmit” using the Internet. Unattended Internet Gateways are not permitted at UK Foundation (see Clause 10 of the licence), so you cannot operate as an Echolink Sysop.

Provided you are not intending to run your own Echolink node, gateway or repeater at Foundation, you should still be able to register to use Echolink for basic access at Foundation

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