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CB 11m Callsigns vs Ham Radio Callsigns

We had the following question in from a site visitor:

I understand we are assigned an M7XXX callsign when we have passed Foundation.

But when watching YouTube channels and doing general research, I have noticed that Amateurs also use another type of callsign e.g. 26AT123. Why is this? Is it used for DXing on 11m? Why cant the M7XXX callsign be used for this?

Do I need to have two callsigns? If yes, how do I get a 26AT123 type callsign?


There is a key difference between 11 metres (CB) and amateur radio:

  • Radio amateurs around the world are all required to complete exams, be issued licences and have callsigns. 
  • 11 metres in the UK is licence-free, requires no exams and callsigns aren’t legally required

CB clubs and groups have formed online and use various invented callsigns (26AT seems to be one used by an Italian club). These are not required on-air and not recognised by Ofcom, but CB clubs and 11m DX groups find them useful.

Why can’t an amateur radio callsign be used on 11m?

There is no allocation for radio amateurs on 11m (see the 4-page exam booklet)

If you’re interested in using the CB band and getting a callsign issued by a CB club, then of course that’s your choice, but CB and amateur radio are different types of radio services.

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