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Help with Housing Associations

We had an enquiry about antennas in flats, and what a housing association may require prior to approval.

From what little we know on this subject, a housing committee may be concerned about one of 5 things:

  1. What damage will be done to the building? We have potential for holes being drilled through walls for the co-ax, external brackets being fitted to the walls, etc
  2. How does it look? Will it be ugly / block access / block light? Is someone going to be unhappy about it being there?
  3. Is permission required? There are rules about modifications to buildings and how many antennas are permitted, so planning permission may be an issue. There may potentially be other restrictions but upon tenants in the lease agreement
  4. Are people going to complain about interference? A new antenna going up will be blamed (rightly or wrongly) for any interference to any other tenant’s TV and radio signals.
  5. EMF – In the amateur radio licence, there is a requirement for field strength assessments – if there is a chance that members of the public will be inside the EMF range, then there may be an issue there, so an EMF assessment is needed.

Best to talk to the housing association to find out which areas they may be concerned with before purchase or installation of any antennas.

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