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How can I study for Direct-to-Full?

There are two routes to getting a Full licence:

  • Working through Foundation, then Intermediate, then Full (three exams), or
  • Taking a single “Direct to Full” exam.

The “Direct-to-Full” exam is aimed squarely at people who already have significant electronics and RF knowledge and experience, so already know much of the material that’s covered at Full.

Are there courses or books for Direct to Full?

Currently, no. Although there are courses and books for Foundation, Intermediate and Full. As Direct to Full is aimed at people who already have the knowledge and experience, there’s less of a need for training courses. For most, they likely have much of the knowledge, and may need a little self-study on the ham radio specifics, but probably not much more.

What options are there for study?

If you feel that you already have the knowledge and experience to pass the Direct to Full exam, why not put that to the test, and try the RSGB’s mock exam? If you can pass the mock, then it’s worth putting in for the exam. You can also have a read through the exam syllabus to see how much of it you already know.

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