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I have an overseas callsign. Can I transmit from the UK?

To legally be allowed to transmit from within the UK, you’ll need one of the following:

1. A UK licence issued by Ofcom, or

2. To be operating on a temporary basis – You might have a suitable licence issued by a country that supports the CEPT agreement. Details, and a list of CEPT countries, can be found here: CEPT TR 61-01, or

3. If it’s a permanent move, you can apply to Ofcom for a reciprocal licence – this applies only if your current licence is a HAREC licence (a licence that meets agreed international standards). Details, and a list of HAREC countries, can be found here: CEPT TR 61-02

If you have any questions about licensing in the UK, it’s best to contact Ofcom before transmitting. Amateur Radio at Ofcom

If you require a UK licence, the entry-level licence is “Foundation” – Here are some handy links on obtaining a UK Foundation licence:

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