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    I thought about this a lot recently, and for a long time I was, for some unknown reason, stuck on getting an FT-817/818 – I just like the look and the fact it has been around so long and seems bulletproof – but even second hand a little way north of £400 most of the time and no tuner.
    Then I saw the Xiegu radios, and the fact the antenna tuner is included seemed amazing value (and is apparently brilliant compared to other built in tuners in other radios)… time passed.

    Not a G90, but I ended up getting the X6100 after seeing how people had managed to hack it, run Linux/wsjtx etc.. and it had a waterfall display (but I guess similar ish to the G90 in other respects if a little lower power). I’ve a Sotabeams EFRW with it and it was going to be my first radio for home and portable – very happy with it. Now its used for portable, holiday etc use as I found a very good value used base station on ebay (Yaesu FTDX3000) the same model as my local radio society uses at their shack – which made sense to me as I was learning.