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      My first HF radio was a Xiegu G90, i still use it for WSPR / QRSS and working 80m and 60m my Newer FT-991a won’t tune my main antenna down to those bands

      at under £400 for a 20w all mode HF radio with built in ATU it makes HF bands accessible to all amateurs, even new M7’s

      it is capable of computer (CAT) control and with a cheap audio interface and USB soundcard you can start working various digital modes like FT4 or FT8, SSTV on 20m (14.230mhz) and much more

      with 10w for my M7PGW callsign (gained with Pete help) i managed to get to US and middle east using FT8 digital modes

      if you can get a 20m long wire end fed half wave (EFHW) antenna in the garden even the antenna don’t need to cost much either

      All mode HF access for under £500 with rig, interfaces and antenna

      there is a groups.io forum for it as well https://xiegug90.groups.io/g/main

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