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    welcome to the hobby

    if you are listening with an SDRPlay on HF have a look at my post https://www.hamhub.uk/forums/topic/common-digital-mode-frequencies/

    it will give you a list of common frequencies for digital modes (i keep a more up to date list on my QSL. net site at https://www.qsl.net/m0pwx/modes-and-freq.htm which also has links to the software for each mode (direct to authors site NO affiliate links)

    by listening you will start to recognise callsigns for different countries as you work out what you a re hearing

    SSTV on 20m (14.230 USB) can be fun to watch during the day, late afternoon you may even see some US and CAN stations make it to the UK

    have you got any areas of the hobby that interest you more? digital, voice, CW, satellites?


    (not pete M0PSX who runs the site)

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