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      One of the things I struggled with when i was starting to study and just after I passed my foundation was what frequencies do I find various digital modes on, or you hear a signal a bit like a fax / modem (if you remember these things) and want to know what it is likely to be so you can find the software to decode it

      A useful place to look if you have a waterfall display either on your radio or software like WSJT-x or FLDigi is https://www.sigidwiki.com/wiki/Database . It has waterfall images and short sound clips of many identified and unidentified digital signals so can be a useful resource when trying to work out what a particular signal is, one you know the mode, you can then work out the software required to decode it

      I built myself a table of frequencies for common amateur digital modes and the frequencies commonly used by them

      PSKReporter is useful for many digital modes, as most common digital mode applications upload spots into it, goto PSK Reporter

      my list is below, I hope you find it useful


      Analog SSTV (look at http://max.cqsstv.com/index.php for current stations receiving SSTV)
      160m 1.890 MHz LSB SSTV Call Freq.
      80m 3.845 MHz LSB SSTV Call Freq.
      80m 3.730 MHz LSB Europe Call Freq.
      40m 7.040 MHz LSB US SSTV Call Freq. (in the EU/UK digital area)
      40m 7.171 Mhz LSB UK/EU SSTV call freq
      30m 10.132 MHz USB Use narrow mode MP73N ONLY
      20m 14.230 MHz USB SSTV Call Freq. (SSTV on this frequency virtually constantly during the day)
      15m 21.340 MHz USB SSTV Call Freq.
      10m 28.680 MHz USB SSTV Call Freq.
      6m 50.680 MHz FM SSTV Call Freq.
      6m 50.950 MHz SSB SSTV Call Freq.
      2m 145.500 MHz FM SSTV Call Freq.
      2m 145.600 MHz FM SSTV Call Freq.
      2m 144.550 MHz SSB SSTV Call Freq.
      1.25M 223.850MHz FM SSTV Call Freq.
      70CM 430.950 MHz FM SSTV Call Freq.

      Digital SSTV (Use EASYPAL to recieve digital SSTV)

      3.733 (LSB)yes
      3.736 main freq(LSB)yes
      3.739 (LSB)yes
      5.3665 (LSB)? Full Lic Only this band
      5.3715 (LSB)? Full Lic Only this band
      7.052 (LSB)?
      7.055 (LSB)?
      7.058 (LSB)?
      14.233 (USB)yes
      21.337 (USB)?
      21.343(USB) ?
      28.667 (USB)?
      144.55 (?) ?


      160m 1.842 (USB)
      40m 7.078 (USB)
      30m 10.130 (USB)
      20m 14.078 (USB)
      17m 18.104 (USB)
      15m 21.078 (USB)
      10m 28.078 (USB)
      6m 50.328 (USB)

      FT8 (use WSJT-x to recieve FT8)
      160m 1.840 (USB) (Main)
      80m 3.573 (USB) (Main)
      60m 5.357 (USB) (Main) Full Lic Only this band
      40m 7.056 (USB) Region 1
      40m 7.071 (USB)
      40m 7.074 (USB) (Main)
      30m 10.132 (USB) Region 1
      30m 10.133 (USB)
      30m 10.136 (USB) (Main)
      20m 14.074 (USB) (Main)
      20m 14.090 (USB) Region 1
      17m 18.100 (USB) (Main)
      15m 21.074 (USB) (Main)
      12m 24.915 (USB) (Main)
      10m 28.074 (USB) (Main)
      6m 50.310
      6m 50.313
      6m 50.323 Intercontinental DX
      4m 70.100
      2m 144.174
      1.25m 222.065
      70cm 432.065

      Worked all Britain nets (voice)
      80m 3.760

      Q65 (use WSJT-x to Recieve Q65, little used at moment as new mode)

      50.275 q65-30a (US)
      50.305 q65-30a (EU)

      144.110 q65-60c
      144.120 q65-60c / Q65-15a

      PSK31 (Use FLDigi to recieve PSK modes)

      7.040 YES
      14.070 YES

      RTTY (Use FLDigi to recieve RTTY)


      Olivia (16/500) (Use FLDigi to recieve olivia modes)

      60m 5.3665 USB Main (Y) Full Lic Only this band

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