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    i have only read the response document and a skim read through of the main doc, i need to read all 100+ pages

    as with any consultation there are good and bad points, my initial reactions is there are more good points than bad

    and that we all need to reply to this

    to pick a few out

    i like

  • 1- foundation hams able to built kits, as this would lower the cost of entry into HF ops
    2- keep only 1 personal callsign makes a lot of sense, i still have access to my M7 and 2E0 callsigns but never use them
    3- the greater supervised use on radio by others, this is the best way to get new people into radio for them to actually experience it
    4- internet for remote ops makes a lot of sense so long as some clear guidance on minimum security requirements
    5- low power unattended beacons like WSPR and QRSS would be good as lower level license holder can start learning about propagation

  • i am not sure about

  • 1- re-issuing old call signs, as this could lead to some mix ups in logging etc unless there was a period between it coming available and being re-issues
    2- making RSL’s optional, if you keep your base location RSL and not have to change it when you do a /p event in a different part of the UK then fine but optional for all will lead to a lot of confusion
    3- increase TX power, the foundation and intermediate make sense, but a kilowatt for full?, how many people would be able to keep within EMF regs at 400w let alone 1000w?

  • i don’t like

  • 1- allow the use of any suffix, things will get messy very quickly
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