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    i don’t use F&H mode but i found a clear step by step guide https://www.dxmaps.com/FT8_DXP.html

    hopefully it will show something simple to fix in your config

    i must admit i don’t like the DXPeditions on 14.095 as they cause extreme QRM on the established QRSS and WSPR frequencies on dial 14.0956 (the appear as signals in the offset 1700-2000 (QRSS) and 2000-2200 (WSPR) in the WSJT-x waterfall for 14.095 dial) we are currently being wiped out twice a day due to this DXPedition when at greyline times

    with both QRSS and WSPR we only TX less than 1w (and often even a few 100’s or even 10’s of milliwatts), so our receivers get badly desensitised by the power and strength of the DXPedition signals, our frequencies are baked into WSJT-x and published worldwide so i fail to see why the DXPeditions and various still use 14.095 and several other WSPR frequencies on other bands

    (Not Pete M0PSX who runs this site)