Welcome Forums New Here? Introduce Yourself! Hello all hope you are looking bright! Reply To: Hello all hope you are looking bright!


    Welcome Back to the hobby a lot has changed in the last 40 years

    all sorts of digital modes (FT8/4,WSPR, QRSS, JS8 Call to name a few) the old RTTY and PSK31 are still around as is the original digital mode “CW”

    lots of new ideas around antenna designs as well

    and don’t forget we now bounce signals off satellites like the ISS with a ÂŁ30 baofeng and a handheld antenna 🙂

    and lots of online stuff like QRZ.com, eQSL so you don’t need paper logs now as so many online / computer based logging options

    so ask away any questions you have

    might be worth doing the EssexHam foundation course as a refresher and catch up on changes since you were last active on the air


    (not Pete M0PSX who runs this site)