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    no major issues i am aware of, google search for icom 7300 problems turns up some common issues with lines down the LCD and various PA stage issues all rigs suffer from

    some point to a Yeasu FT710 as an alternative

    it all depends what you want to use it for? CW, SSB voice, Digital and the budget you have

    many will say you can’t go wrong with either an icom / yeasu / kenwood radio, if you are buying 2nd hand make sure you can see it working if buying from the internet (ebay etc), main ham radio stores like ML&S / moonraker etc will provide a warranty on 2nd hand kit and if you go and collect you can check them etc as well as discuss pro’s and Con’s of the model with people who are hams and use the kit

    i use a FT991a, its not perfect but does the job, HF+6m + vhf/UHF, the LCD is a little slower refresh than my Xiegu G90 HF rig, the USB port can be sensitive to RFI so a short USB cable with clip on ferrites minimise issues, also over 100 settings you can use to modify the rigs behaviour, so can be complex to set up

    if you can talk to a local ham that uses a rig you are interested in or even visit to see it in action even better, try local nets or clubs


    (not Pete M0PSX who runs this site)