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        Antenna tunner/matcher, as a recently new ham I’m constantly getting confused with all the different answers to questions and explanations as to how things work and the real role they actually play, now I’m slowly getting it as I like to set things up properly so they work efficiently as do we all, but one question I do have which is bothering me is about so called antenna tuners/matchers the one in the shack close to the transceiver and the vswr meter as my ft894d old school transceiver don’t have one built in or at least I don’t think it do, anyway I have it married to a mAT-30 atu which seem to be doing a decent job of fooling the transceiver its good to go, but I have decided to buy a LWHF-80 80-6m Multiband End Fed Long Wire Antenna and cant help feeling that a remote feed line tuner situated right outside next to the antenna feed line would be a much better option being closer to the antenna this seem to be a far better tuner according to many YouTube video’s watched on this subject, just wondered if anyone use these instead of the indoor next to transceiver ones, I’m thinking they are better but not sure and don’t want to spend that sort of money until I’ve exhausted all my research options apparently they do a really good job of sorting out any potential coax issues rather than hiding them from the transceiver!
        Atb Alf (M7FFI)

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