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        I work in a school, and currently we have two sets of Motorola tlkr PMR radios, one is for the main school to use and one is for the site team to use (so we can communicate without it being heard in class or interrupting lessons.) At the moment we have two different frequencies on the two sets (obviously) but this means that as a site team we have to carry two sets of radios. I’ve been looking at the baofeng UV-5R, as it looks like we can listen to two different frequencies, and talk one.
        The first question: is this correct, or have i mis-interpreted it?
        The second question, I understand that if we go down this route, we will need to purchase a licence – As i understand it, a simple business licence will cover us. A simple business site licence is for use on a single site, and a simple business uk licence allows us to use them anywhere in the uk, is that correct?
        Lastly, I’m a big fan of shipping and aviation, can i use this to “scan” for these conversations? – Not sure if I should admit this, but if anywhere i guess this is the place.

        I was looking at these radios as they are relatively cheap, and they seem to have some pretty decent review.

        I really appreciate any advice and assistance i can get here!

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