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        So, I’ve an FTM-300 which can do crossband repeat. When I eventually get my X300 antenna up on the roof, what are the technicalities and legalities of using this? My shack is on the 2nd floor, but could I set it up to use the crossband repeat (say to a local repeater) from my HT around the house and garden – it’d work way better from a Rx/Tx point of view?

        Does it have any practical use in the UK really? Does anyone use it?

        The license doesn’t seem to say its definitely not allowed for a Full license holder, from my reading it is (under “remote operation” if its failsafe/can be turned off and its for my use only). RSGB says in 2016 “Our interpretation of this (without prejudice) is that the use of personal Hotspots et cetera is legal provided that they are for personal use only and not open for others to use.” This doesn’t seem a very definite answer however 😉

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          As a member of RAYNET, we use X and repeat to provide Comms from a handheld thru xband in the car into a repeater network or base. Very useful e.g. UHF handheld thru VHF back to control or NET.

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