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        Hello, David M0XMZ here, from just north of Leicester.
        I’m very new to this radio lark, starting mid March this year from no knowledge and working my way up the levels to a deadline booking each exam 2 weeks after passing the previous (mainly just as something to do as I’d injured myself and was unable to walk!). I joined Leicester Radio Society last month after I got my Full license/callsign which was my first experience of other amateur radio enthusiasts in “real life” – a friendly bunch and very helpful, I should gave gone along much sooner.

        To be honest I don’t yet know what my interests are yet – probably a bit of voice, digital I suspect will be played with a fair bit and eventually I plan to learn CW when I can commit time to it. I’ve recently remembered I did spend a few weeks at the age of 13 in the school “satellite club” which I’d totally forgotten about as it was almost 35 years ago – recording onto tape sounds using a yagi and then reconstructing them to a (weather?!) image – I think I fancy having a go at satellites again.

        I’ve collected a Xiegu X6100 with an EFRW antenna alongside Yaesu FT-5DE HT, FTM-300 (Diamond X300 -nearly but not quite up), FTDX-3000 and a DX Commander classic which I’ve built but not tuned and installed yet.

        I like playing (very basically) with electronics, soldering up kits of old 8-bit computers but have a list as long as my arm of projects I’ve got all the bits for but not started yet (headphone amplifier, Jupiter Ace clone, Voron 3d Printer…etc).

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