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        As I suggested this “introduction” area to Pete, I suppose only fitting I post the first hello and introduce myself

        I am Peter (M0PWX), I live on the Isle of Sheppey and you should be able to tell from the M0xxx that I hold a full license, I am on the younger side for the stereo typical Ham being only late 50’s 🙂

        I am relatively new to Amateur radio, in that I only passed my foundation with Pete and Essex ham in October 2020, intermediate in November 2020 and full in February 2021, doing the exams that quick was a bit of a crazy roller coaster ride of learning and exams, but my background is computers and electronics so I had an advantage

        You will VERY rarely hear me talk on the radio, as I am often multi-tasking so I tend to work digital mode only, or sat on the sofa connected to the PC controlling my radio using VNC to run FT8, SSTV etc keeping the wife happy by not leaving her on her own

        My radio interests are many I love the challenge of QRP modes like WSPR and QRSS, and even though I have a Yaesu FT-991a capable of 100w output I rarely run more than 35-40 watts, the other thing you will see from me is posts about when the ISS is due to transmit SSTV, as that is another fun area of the hobby, the coolness of being able to recieve images for the ISS whizzing overhead at silly miles per hours, I work mainly HF 40m-6m and a bit of VHF but that’s more about satellites than anything else

        My radios are Yaesu FT-991a, a Xiegu G90 (my first rig, great cheap little HF 20w all mode unit for beginners) and several QRPLabs U3s Beacon kits for WSPR, QRSS and other QRP modes

        My antennas are all home made, I have a Fan Dipole (40m- 10m) on my fence panels, a larger Fan Dipole 5m in the air (40m-6m), a 2m/70cm white stick high up on the house and a basic wire dipole untuned in the loft, have also made a 70cm 6 element Yagi as part of my satellite set up which is a work in progress

        I wanted to get my license for over 40 years when I visited a friends house and his father was on the radio receiving SSTV on a old CRT monitor, and had a massive antenna on a tower in his garden i wanted to be able to do that

        When I found out in 2020 that I didn’t need to attend a club, and could do the exams online due to this wonderful pandemic I set myself the challenge of getting all 3 levels

        The rest is history as they say

        Come in, introduce yourself and join the fun 🙂

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        Pete M0PSX

          Thanks for suggesting this part of the forum, and for being the first with a “welcome”. Hopefully the first of many!


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