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        Hello all the best advice I can give to anyone interested or a new license holder is to join a local club for help and support
        I myself joined two clubs for their different values both help me with different parts of the hobby
        73s Andy

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        Pete M0PSX

          Hi Andy and welcome to the group.

          Totally agree – clubs are hugely helpful and very valuable in allowing people to get hands-on help that they can’t get online. The down-side is that not everyone has access to a local club, and many clubs aren’t meeting due to Covid, hence the interest in “online” for training, exams and help.

          One of the aims of his Hub is to connect amateurs to clubs and other organisations, so please feel free to post a message in your Regional forum to outline what your local clubs have to offer – if may help others looking for local help. Even better, see if your clubs want to be a part of the Hub and get talking with their local potential members online, hopefully recruiting some new members for their club and supporting newbies.


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              Hi Pete will ask the clubs to add to the page at the next meetings

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