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        Hi all.
        Name here is Steve from Bridlington on the East Yorkshire Coast.
        I’ve been licenced since the mid 80s but never been a prolific user but hope to rectify that in the near future. I tend to do most of my operating /P as I don’t have room for antennas at my home QTH and like to get out with a packup onto high ground or other picturesque location.
        I have a number of rigs, possibly too many to document here and like us all probably too many but do consist of some older hybrid rigs and more up to date big names and a scattering of Chinese stuff.
        My main interests are are voice mode on VHF/UHF and HF and would like to get into CW but finding that getting started in learning code is proving quite a task in itself.
        Hope to both learn and contribute to Ham Hub going forward and perhaps make contact with some of you in the future.

        Regards, Steve W G6JEF

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