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      the ISS runs SSTV broadcasts several times a year

      it is simple to recieve with a handheld and mobile phone app to decode the signals

      or you can use a base station radio connected to a PC with some software like Yoniq, MMSSTV or any other software capable of decoding PD120 mode signals

      it always uses 145.800 FM as the base frequency, doppler shift will be about +3khz as the ISS approaches your location and about -3khz once it has passed over and moving away from your location

      using heavens above website you can get a list of times the ISS will be in range / above the horizon for you

      see http://ariss-sstv.blogspot.com/ for information on when the transmissions are scheduled

      see https://heavens-above.com/PassSummary.aspx?satid=25544&lat=51.4&lng=0.74&loc=qbr&alt=3&tz=GMT for pass time, (make sure you select ALL passes) or you will only get dawn / dusk passes when you can see the ISS in the sky

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      Pete M0PSX

      There’s ISS SSTV activity until 5pm on the 31st of December 2021, with several people reporting some decent images. It’s prompted me to write a short article on how to receive images from the ISS: Receiving images from ISS

      Thanks for the suggestion!


Viewing 1 reply thread
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