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        Playing with my new antenna (DX Commander Classic 10-40m vertical) bang in the middle of the UK just North of Leicester, I was listening (afternoon) to someone on 40m/7Mhz ~82 miles west of me near Oswestry talking to someone about 8-10 miles SW of me, both crystal clear, then the closer station faded out to become 33 at best.

        What sort of ground wave and skip distances are common from the UK (is there even a rough guide to what to expect or does it, as I suspect, totally vary dependent on ionosphere, antenna etc.?) ? I guessed my example was ground wave rather than some sort of NVIS

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          I’m just starting on my Foundation studies so definitely not an expert (!) but I wonder whether the local station changed to a different antenna? Possibly from a vertical omnidirectional to a horizontal dipole, giving a good signal towards the Oswestry station but a much lower signal towards you.

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