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        it has been announces by ARISS today there will be a SSTV event from the ISS Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th October

        usual frequency of 145.800mhz 

        see ARISS – Amateur Radio on the ISS on X: “ARISS Digipeater users – please make a note of changes for testing Tuesday – Thursday next week. #HamRadio #SSTV #APRS https://t.co/8Cd6PLDZfT” / X (twitter.com)

        South East UK Pass times for those days are

        Start time     Dir  Max Ele Time    Dir
        03 Oct -15:02:01 WSW   76°    15:08:42 E
        03 Oct -16:38:47 W     87°    16:45:30 E
        03 Oct -18:15:35 W     42°    18:21:58 SE
        04 Oct -14:13:49 WSW   60°    14:20:25 E
        04 Oct -15:50:29 W     84°    15:57:12 E
        04 Oct -17:27:16 W     56°    17:33:50 ESE
        05 Oct -13:25:36 SW    45°    13:32:02 E
        05 Oct -15:02:06 W     86°    15:08:49 E
        05 Oct -16:38:53 W     72°    16:45:34 ESE

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          Credits: R4UAB website, 4 October 2023
          The transfer of SSTV images from the ISS is postponed to October 16-20, 2023
          Attention! The transmission of images via the SSTV protocol as part of the experiment “About Gagarin from Space” from the International Space Station is postponed to October 16-20, 2023 due to technical problems.

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            revised date again 

            from AMSAT-UK 5h ago on the bird site

            R4UAB: SSTV Test “postponed to Oct 27-30 due to technical problems that arose during test on Oct 03-05.
            There was a problem with the new cable to the radio station. At the moment, cosmonauts are looking into causes of the equipment failure.
            Attention! Date/time subject to change”

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