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        North West Fusion Group came about in 2017 to support the use of Yaesu Flavoured (Fusion) C4FM, at the time mainly simplex across North West England. We have grown to support all aspects of the Fusion system and beyond.

        We endeavour to always retain the best audio quality possible and actively encourage the use of VW mode. We are a club for Fusion users/supporters so we do ask that you use equipment that is compatible where possible.

        We offer help to anyone who has questions regarding Fusion. Just post a question on the Facebook Group and you will find someone will know the answer.

        We now have a network of connected repeaters and gateways across the North West of England connected to our NWFG WiresX Room (NWFG number 41755) which are, along with their ancillaries, owned and are provided for use by the owners concerned. This room is ”bridged” to three reflectors for Hotspot use: GB-NWFG, GB-GB7DH, and FCS00428. This forms the main, flagship, North West Fusion Group Fusion-only network.

        We also have a number of ”daughter” networks: One for FM fans is the North West Allstar Group (that has it’s own Facebook Group-feel free to join that too). We also provide infrastructure for The Blind-Vets-Network which is hosted by members of Blind Veterans UK on Fusion reflector GB-BLINDVETS and Allstar 50589. We also supply an XLX reflector for the use of two local clubs to North West England, one for DStar and one for DMR respectively.

        A number of ”nets” are held across our networks by various groups: Our main net originally hosted as far back as 2016 prior to NWFG has over time metamorphosised and has it’s own room hosted by Sue, G1OHH as Suesnet, in Suesroom, number 28804; a number of NWFG repeaters move automatically to join Sue each Tuesday night at 7.30pm UK time leaving the main NWFG room available for use. Why not join the ”Squirrels” every morning, 365 days a year at 7am UK Local Time on the main NWFG network hosted by Linda, G0YLM, the subjects are probably the most diverse you will encounter anywhere and The Squirrels welcome anyone who wishes to join in. Blind Veterans UK hold a net on the Blind Vets Network every weekday morning at just after 10am UK time, they are joined by MB7IMB Allstar Gateway in Morecambe for this net. Blind Vets Network also joins Blind-Hams Network Worldwide on a Saturday who hold a net at 3pm UK time. If you want to add your own ”net” to the list then we welcome the use of the NWFG network for this purpose.

        We are a totally Facebook based Group with no membership fee, we only ask that you are a supporter of Fusion to be a member and that you abide by the rules as set out on this Facebook Group. By joining the Facebook Group you are becoming a member of the club, The North West Fusion Group. Everyone is welcome. To join simply request to join and answer the questions. We reserve the right to refuse membership.

        The North West Fusion Group is an RSGB affiliated Club.



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