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        Have a Realistic SX-190 SW Receiver. At the moment, I just like listening-in to whatever’s out there.


        Some nights, I get a US station broadcasting to China (Taiwan?), so I know my reception is ok.

        I have only once ever heard a ham two-way conversation, & that was in the early evening, several years ago.

        Probably also, I encounter weird sounds which repeat – homing signals? Often I hear Morse Code, which I do not understand.

        Don’t really understand anything about the set – it has a main dial which numbers from 0 to 500; & channels, many of which are silent ~ channel 7 is the most active.

        The antenna is unconventional DIY – about 100 feet of thin, insulated copper wire, which winds around 2/3 of the exterior guttering.

        Can anyone help me understand the SX-190 better please?

        Am about to reposition it, so I can read the dials more easily.

        Many thanks!


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          i managed to find the manuals

          instruction manual at https://www.manualslib.com/manual/2245856/Allied-Sx-190.html?page=30#manual only 31 pages, you can view easilly or print a page at a time, with only 31 pages not a massive job

          the service manual is at http://www.radiomanual.info/schemi/Surplus_Radioamateur/Allied_AX-190_SX-190_serv.pdf

          M0PWX (not M0PSX who runs the site)

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              Thank you.

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