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      Pete M0PSX

      Hi everyone, and welcome to the first post in this new forum. This forum is for general ham radio chat. We’ve no idea whether the forums on HamHub will be of use, but we hope so.

      As well as hubs for the various UK regions, we also have other forums, for people looking for help, to learn more about amateur radio and a range of other topics – see the full HamHub Forum List.

      Please get chatting – it’s up to you how popular (or not) our forums are!

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      Thanks Pete

      will put a post on my twitter about this to try and get some interest

      its a great idea, just needs some posts and activity

      as it grows maybe add some sections like HF, VHF, Sats, Antenna talk etc

      just got to see where it goes

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      Pete M0PSX

      That’s the plan = let’s see how this evolves, and if the UK community finds something like this of use.


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      Andrew M0ONH

      Oh a new forum.

      Always a good place to share ideas and get help from the hobby’s community.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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