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      Pete M0PSX

        Hi everyone, and welcome to the first post in this new forum. This forum is intended to provide help and advice for newcomers to the hobby..

        As well as hubs for the various UK regions, we also have other forums, for people looking for help, to learn more about amateur radio and a range of other topics – see the full HamHub Forum List.

        Please get chatting – it’s up to you how popular (or not) our forums are!

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          Hi Peter,

          I’m a ‘newbie’ too. I’ve just taken a look around the new site and I think your team has done a wonderful job. There are plenty of interesting areas to explore and to meet people. So, on the topic of the website, congratulations, I think you have nailed it!

          Best regards,

          Tartan Rambo

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            Hi Pete,

            New site looks great! I will definitely be checking in here!

            Thanks again


            Richard Walker

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              Hi Pete,

              I’ll be exploring further, but it seems to be the start of something rather useful so far.


              Bob Boyd

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                Do you have any section on the “online”/contacts aspect of the hobby? I mean a guide to which websites to register on (qrz.com comes to mind first as it seems the global standard, but I may be ignorant to others) and how to confirm contacts and the different its that can be used QRZ, LOTW things like QSL cards, eQSL and any other sites etc? I think this would be every helpful, I’ve been given a crash course but can’t remember it all, and there seems so much to it (but maybe its really simple!?).

                Maybe a “now you’ve got your callsign and radio, what next to be an effective operator” kind of thing?

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                  Hi does any know if it possible to get an headache or a migraine from being a amateur radio fan

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