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How can I study for my amateur radio licence?

Everyone learns in different ways, and there are several ways that you can study. You can pick the method, or methods, that work best for you:

  • Study with the help of a local amateur radio club. You can find details of nearby clubs on the RSGB Club Finder
  • Study using an online course. Some offer structured courses, and some offer courses using video chat (e.g. Zoom). See the list of UK online course providers
  • Study using the RSGB Foundation Manual (availalble in paper form, or for Amazon Kindle)
  • Study by watching online videos, such as those offered at Ham Train or various amateur radio clubs
  • Study with the help of a friendly local radio ham. If you know someone who has a licence, ask them for help with the areas that you’re struggling with. If you don’t know anyone local, ask at your local ham radio club or contact the RSGB Regional Team in your area
  • Study using the mp3 audio files released by the RAIBC
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