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How easy is it to get a ham licence?

To get a Foundation licence, you have to take the RSGB’s 26-question multiple-choice exam. You can take the exam online at home, or at a local club.

On average, it requires about 7-10 hours of study to learn the theory needed to pass the exam, and you can study in several ways:

  • An online training course
  • A course taught at a local amateur radio club
  • Self-study (from online material, or the RSGB’s course book).

Kids of eight years old have been able to pass Foundation, and the material you need to learn is pretty straightforward. Here’s a summary:

  • 6 questions on the rules of using amateur radio frequencies
  • 3 on the basics of operating amateur radio
  • 3 on interference and how to prevent upsetting other radio users
  • 3 on some of the technical basics
  • 3 on antennas
  • 3 on transmitters and receivers
  • 3 on safety
  • 2 on how radio signals travel

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