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How to get a Licence and Callsign

It’s never been easier to get a UK amateur radio licence and callsign, as you can now study and take the online exam from home – no need to visit a club or exam centre!

To get your amateur radio licence, you need to pass a 26-question multiple-choice exam. The exam consists of 8 topics:

  • Technical Basics – 3 questions
  • Transmitters & Receivers – 3 questions
  • Antennas (types and theory) – 3 questions
  • Licensing Rules & Regulations – 6 questions
  • Operating Procedures – 3 questions
  • Preventing Interference – 3 questions
  • Radio Signals – 2 questions
  • Safety – 3 questions

You can study yourself from the sourcebook, take an online course, or if there is a club near you, learn in a classroom environment.

The following video gives you more information:

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