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Supervision Clause and Radio Equipment?

The Supervision clause of the amateur radio licence does sometimes cause confusion. This is because of the phrase “Radio Equipment“.

Here’s the section:

UK Ham Radio Licence

“3(2) The Licensee may permit the operation of the Radio Equipment by a person who holds a current Amateur Radio Licence, issued by Ofcom provided that any such operation of the Radio Equipment is carried out in the presence of and under the direct supervision of the Licensee”

Some people that this literally, and assume that Ofcom is giving you permission to lend your radio equipment to other people. That’s not what this clause is about. Ofcom doesn’t care who owns the actual equipment or who borrows it, and certainly doesn’t have any say on whether or not you decide to lend it to a mate. Similarly, if someone borrows your radio, you’re not expected to supervise them 24 hours a day whilst it’s on loan!

What Ofcom cares about, is the transmission from radio equipment.


Let’s take two examples. Pete M0PSX (Full licence) and Kelly M6KFA (Foundation)

Pete (Full) can let Kelly (Foundation) use his callsign of M0PSX to transmit at 400 watts under his direct supervision (it doesn’t matter who owns the transmitter that’s being used.)

Kelly (Foundation) can let Pete (Full) use her callsign M6KFA to transmit under her direct supervision, but Pete can’t use more than the 10 watt maximum stated in Kelly’s Foundation Licence. (Again, it doesn’t matter who owns the transmitter that’s being used)

We believe it’s because Ofcom don’t want to give the impression that it’s all about supervising callsigns, but it’s about supervising the operation of an established “station” using equipment that is identified by a callsign. To confirm this, here is the definition of “Radio Equipment”:

Why the confusion?

Section 1 of the licence states that “This Licence, issued by the Office of Communications (“Ofcom”) on the issue date specified above, authorises the holder named above (“the Licensee”) to establish and use stations or install or use radio transmitting and receiving apparatus for wireless telegraphy (the “Radio Equipment”) in accordance with the terms, conditions and limitations set out in Section 2 of this Licence”

Here’s hoping that this helps with the confusion!

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