Discord & Ham Radio

What is Discord

Discord IconBasically, it’s a social media platform, like Facebook and Twitter. It has a very simple interface and allows fast, real-time chat with others within a group.

With Discord, you can create your own group for discussion with friends (a bit like a Whatsapp Group), or you can join a public server, on a topic of interest

Give me the basics

Discord can be accessed from a website, but it’s intended for use on the move, on a phone or tablet. The app, and the service is free.

Each group is known as a “Server”, and on that server you can have various channels (on discussion topics)

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you need to be invited in to a server by an existing member – Don’t worry, as many servers provide a public invitation code.

Screenshots of Discord in action

Screenshots of Discord in action

Discord and Ham Radio?

There are already a number of public servers out there for amateur radio – we have one, which at the time of writing is just getting started. Ours has channels for:

  • Newcomers to ask questions
  • Experienced hams to discuss the hobby
  • Placed for discussion of training and radio clubs
  • Sections for the 14 different regions of the UK (for local chat)

As well as joining an existing server, you could create your own, perhaps for local hams in your area, or like-minded mates.

Where to find Ham Radio Discord Servers

Got an amateur radio Discord server to recommend? Please add a comment below…

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