RSGB Brickworks Scheme

RSGB Brickworks Scheme

The RSGB is running a scheme to help newcomers to build on their Foundation knowledge, get more involved with the hobby, keep up their interest and hopefully progress to Intermediate and Full. Originally branded as the “Beyond Exams Club Scheme” this is now known simply as “RSGB Brickworks“.

Brickworks Certificate
Brickworks Certificate

What’s involved?

Newcomers are encouraged to sign up to the scheme via one of the network of accredited clubs in the UK (at the time of writing, there are over 40 clubs involved). With the help of their local club, they can complete various activities and gain points, with the end goal of getting a Brickworks certificate when they’ve collected enough points.

By progressing through the scheme, newcomers will gain practical experience of various aspects of ham radio, and get a certificate to recognise their progress.

What do I have to do?

The scheme is split up into 5 categories, with several different ways of collecting points towards the various certificates

  • Have a go – Get points for on-air operation using voice, data or CW
  • Get Involved – Earn points for activities around contests and special event stations
  • Take part – Points for attending club meetings, events, nets and even making the tea!
  • Making – Points for making something ham-related, or writing relevant software
  • Promotion – Points for recruiting newcomers, attending exhibitions or helping with training

Clubs will help newcomers with those activities, track progress, and issue certificates when the key targets are met.

How do I take part?

Look at the RSGB Brickworks Club Finder to find your nearest club that’s running Brickworks, contact them and get started!

More Information?

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