How do I study towards Intermediate?

Assuming you already have your Foundation license, you may decide you want to move on to get your Intermediate licence.

Intermediate Training Manual

Why move to Intermediate?

  • This increases your maximum allowed power from 10 watts to 50 watts, which can make a difference
  • You’re no longer limited to commercially available transmitters and can build and design your own transmitters
  • Access to some extra frequencies up in the GHz range, including allocations around 1.2GHz, 2.3GHz, 5GHz, 24GHz and 248GHz
  • You’re showing the amateur radio community that you’re looking to progress beyond “entry level”

What’s involved?

Essentially, some more study, then the RSGB’s Intermediate exam, which is a 46 question multiple-choice test (90 minutes), with a pass mark of 28/46.

You can take your exam at home, remotely invigilated over webcam (see: booking online exam), or a local ham radio club may be able to help with an exam (See: RSGB Course Finder)

What are your options for studying?

As with Foundation, there are several options:

  • Online Course – several providers run courses – See List of online training courses. See: Online study options
  • Courses at a local club – There is a network of ham radio clubs around the UK that offer training courses in a classroom environment – handy for those not good with computers or who prefer hands-on study. There is usually a charge for these courses. See: RSGB Course Finder
  • Training Manual – The RSGB offers a low-price intermediate Training Manual. It’s available as a Paper version or Kindle Version
  • Help from an existing ham – if you know someone who holds a licence, they may be able to help with training

If you decide to go for your Intermediate, good luck. If you need any help, drop a message in our Training & Exam forum.

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