Ham Radio and Hospital Radio

There is an initiative to raise awareness for amateur radio across the UK hospital radio network. The team at Southend Hospital Radio has been driving this initiative creating messages and promotions that can be used on-air on hospital stations to explain what amateur radio has to offer.

Why Ham Radio and Hospital Radio?

There’s no secret that the demographic for radio hams tends to be predominantly over 45s, and it’s a hobby that can help people less mobile or active to stay in touch with others and be part of a fellowship of other radio enthusiasts. For those leaving hospital, amateur radio could be an ideal hobby for them.

Additionally, there is an initiative called GB1NHS, which is trying to link amateur radio to the NHS, which uses amateur radio to promote health campaigns such as “End PJ Paralysis

Paul Devlin from GB1NHS, at the studios of Southend Hospital Radio
Paul Devlin (right) being interviewed for Southend Hospital Radio
Paul Devlin (right) being interviewed for Southend Hospital Radio

Hospital Radio & Ham Radio Feature

Here is an example of content used on Southend Hospital Radio:

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If you’d like some audio for your hospital radio station, please contact us and we’ll send over some audio promotional material for you.

If you’re involved with hospital radio as well as amateur radio, we’d love to hear from you, to see if we can use HamHub to make more links between ham and hospital radio.

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