How HAMTronics.UK helps new HAM Operators is a UK based online retailer with a focus on Amateur Radio items for the new operator. Two of its best sellers are the 2M Slim Jim Kit, and the Repeater Timeout Kit. Both of these were developed by Andrew M0ONH in association with EssexHam. They have been able to supply 250+ SlimJim Kits for new Amateur Radio operators across the UK. These can be used with a simple handheld radio to get much longer distances both when out portable and discreetly at your home.

2M Slim Jim attached to a cheap 10meter “Flag Pole” available from online auction sites.

The Kits were designed for people to put together without any specialist tools or equipment being required. Just a soldering iron and a ruler to measure things out. The instructions are downloadable from the website and in as little as an hour of building a really usable 2M antenna can be made for under £20.

Perfect for the new operator, or the seasoned portable operator. The ladder line SlimJim kit for 2M VHF amateur radio is a great addition to all Amateur Radio Operators arsenal.

With everything required to build your own Antenna included. Available with 2/5/10meters of High quality military grade RG58 feeder cable with pre-installed BNC Male plug, crimped and heat shrink sealed.

A clip-on ferrite helps to protect your radio from any spurious RF reflections. Perfect for the go back, or keep in the glove box of the car for random portable operations.

The Repeater Timout Kit.

The Repeater Time out kit, was originally designed following on from a conversation on the EssexHam Monday Night NET held on GB3DA. It became popular with users new and established after it featured in RADCOM back in 2019, Again the kit comes with a downloadable step-by-step instructions and only a basic soldering iron is needed to build.

The kit is easy to construct and supplied with full instructions. It makes for an ideal beginner’s project, and serves a valuable need for repeater users. Potentially, it could also be a handy kit for use as a club construction project or at a buildathon. Here is a short video review which was put together by EssexHam.

Short review of the TimeOut Kit available from

Along with a number of other kits and supplies, continue to add to their range of products aimed at the Amateur Radio Community. Check them out at

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